Validation reports

Submitted by S. Mbajon Njiche on Thu, 2010-09-09 13:54
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Validation reports are produced from the analysis of the Round Robin Data Package (RRDP):

  • There is one validation report per algorithm family
  • Validation have been initialized by the validation team in order to have a common approach
  • A validation formalism has been defined where the impact of new correction is analyzed by type of climate applications (in agreement with the Sea level URD) and with distinction between different temporal scales
  • Validation reports are completed, checked and approved by the algorithm developers

The validation reports are the main input for the selection process in order to select the best algorithms in order to produce the final Sea-Level ECV products.


For further information, the Validation and RRDP reports can be accessed directly from the Public Documents (see Technical label) area on this website.