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Submitted by S. Mbajon Njiche on Wed, 2010-09-22 13:39
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Project Schedule - Phase 2

This phase of the project will be delivered over 36 months, divided into 3 consecutive phases, each of 12 months in duration.

In contrast to phase I where the work was sequential with:
  • a first phase dedicated to requirement analysis and specification, and also with the algorithm development, inter comparison and selection,
  • a second phase focused on the system prototyping and ECV production
  • a third phase dedicated to the product validation and user assessment,

the activities of phase II will be performed in a more continuous way with a cycle of one year. However, it should be noted that the WP2000 (thematic investigations) will only cover the two first years of the project.  

The planning of the project is presented in the chart below:




Phase2 (2014-2017) milestones Achieved:

Phase 2 Kick-Off Meeting:  6-7th Feb 2014
Phase 2  Annual Review #1 Meeting:  29-30th Jan 2015
Phase 2  Annual Review #2 Meeting:  18-19th Feb 2016