User Requirements Document Published

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The first deliverable of the Sea Level cci project is now publically available on the project website.  Read more »

European Geosciences Union General Assembly 2011 - Vienna

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2011-04-08 00:00
2011-04-08 00:59

The next EGU General Assembly will take place in Vienna, Austria from 3 to 8 April 2011.

A session on the Sea Level topic, Global and regional sea level rise and variability,is presented on Friday 08 April organized with oral and poster presentations. See details on the EGU page meeting.


C.Dufau(CLS) and/or other partners (DTU) will give SLCCI project presentation.

Sea Level CCI Newsletter #1 (Nov. 2010) published.

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The Sea Level CCI project team is happy to announce the release of its First newsletter.

Contents :

  • The sea level variable
  • Altimetry sea level calculation
  • Mean Sea Level Elevation
  • Error characterization
  • Sea Level CCI project overview
  • Status of the project

Essential Climate Variable Projects

ESA has the pleasure to inform you that the CCI invitation to tender was issued on EMITS on 11 November 2009 with closing date on 05 March 2010, at 13:00 hrs. Read more »

CCI session at the Living Planet Symposium

Revisit the CCI session presented during the Living Planet Symposium in Bergen (NO), 28 June - 02 July 2010.

ESA Climate Change Initiative Information Day

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2009-10-05 09:00
2009-10-06 09:00

Location: ESA/ESRIN
Agenda: Read more »