Wet Tropospheric Correction Paper accepted for publication

Submitted by S. Mbajon Njiche on Sun, 2015-08-23 19:04
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The paper titled 'Improved wet path delays for all ESA and reference altimetric missions' by Joana Fernandes et al. from the Sea Level CCI team has been accepted for publication. The highlights presented in this paper include:

  • Improved wet tropospheric corrections for all ESA and NASA/CNES altimetric missions
  • Global and consistent corrections using the GNSS-derived Path Delay algorithm
  • Major impacts on all ESA and T/P missions, particularly in coastal and polar regions
  • Though Jason-1/2 products are already enhanced, coastal improvements are still found
  • Major contribution to the generation of global SL_cci products 

 This paper is available for download here.