New Sea Level v1.1 ECV product now available

Submitted by S. Mbajon Njiche on Wed, 2014-12-10 18:27
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The Sea Level CCI team is pleased to announce the release of the temporal extension of the Sea Level v1.1 ECV product. The monthly maps of sea level anomalies are now available over the 1993-2013 period. The ECV product also includes ocean indicators over the same period:

  • the temporal evolution of the global mean sea level
  • the map of the sea level trends
  • the map of the amplitude and phase of the annual signal of the sea level.

In addition, the Fundamental Climate Data Records (along-track values of sea level anomalies and altimeter standards) of all the altimeter missions used in the products have been computed in version V1.1 over 1993-2013. All these products are now available and the access is provided on request at