AGU 2013 session: GLOBAL CHANGE Sea Level/Cryospheric change

Submitted by S. Mbajon Njiche on Wed, 2013-07-24 08:54
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2013-12-09 00:00
2013-12-13 23:59

The AGU’s 46th annual Fall Meetingwill be held  in San Francisco, California, 9-13 December. The AGU meeting abstract submission site is currently open, please submit an abstract by the August 6th deadline.

Session Title: Progress in Understanding Regional and Global Mean Sea Level Variability (G015)

Description: Over the last several decades, numerous studies have shown that there are large interannual, decadal, and multidecadal variations in regional and global mean sea level in addition to long-term trends. This session seeks papers which relate these variations to physical mechanisms, including changes in wind forcing and ocean circulation, natural climate variations, anthropogenic warming, and fingerprints from ice sheet and glacier melting, to mention just a few. Of particular interest are papers that attempt to understand and assess the relative roles of regional and global mechanisms resulting in multidecadal variations and inflections in the rate of sea level change.

Session Title: Role of Ocean-Ice Interaction in Greenland and Antarctica's Contributions to Sea Level Rise (GC024)

Description: Melting and potential disintegration of the two major ice sheets, Greenland and Antarctica, poses the most imminent threat for a significant change in the rate of sea level rise. This session invites papers discussing the role of ocean-ice interactions in ice sheet melt and dynamics, and implications on sea level rise in relation to the total melt. In particular, we seek studies that attempt to understand physical processes at the ocean/ice interface, forcing mechanisms as changes in the ocean circulation or heat content caused by anthropogenic or natural variability, impacts of grounding line retreat, sensitivity to uncertainties in the representation of topography, to name a few.